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Thread: How Much Do The HITS Slow Down During The Holidays?

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    How Much Do The HITS Slow Down During The Holidays?

    Hi everyone,

    A few weeks into TURK'ing and doing OK. Right now I rely on this income and have read some posts that things slow down right before Thanksgiving and stay SLOW through Christmas and the end of the year.

    Do any long time TURK'ers have experience with this? When does it start slowing down and how long does it last?

    How slow does it get compared to say this time of year?

    I want to plan for the rest of the year and right now this is my only source of income...so any insight would be most helpful and appreciated.

    Don't want to find that I'm out of luck and can't pay the bills / buy XMAS presents later this year.

    Thanks again!

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    For the past 5 years, except last year, Nov-Dec have been my best months. You will see a lot of consumer surveys come up as Xmas approaches, as marketers try to gauge interest in various products as the wind up for Xmas.

    Work on MTurk definitely waxes and wanes.

    Marketing surveys appear more and more as xmas approaches, as do charity-related (such as World Vision) HITs.
    Academic surveys appear between Sept-March (but slow down during xmas)
    Political surveys appear more as elections approach
    Worldwide disasters spawn even more work.

    Weekends are slower than weekdays, holidays are slower than non-holidays, summer is slower than fall.

    I would say sept-nov is busy, and the rest of the year is slow
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    Labor Day was my first Turk holiday. Slow HITs the entire week -- but the approvals were even slower.

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