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Thread: Too many scripts?

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    Question Too many scripts?


    I'm currently running the following scripts on Chrome:

    • CH Block Using HIT Scraper's Blocklist (I still haven't used HIT Scraper, though, because the coding scares me, but this has blocked ones I've selected even without HIT Scraper)
    • (mTurk) Show captcha and accept button ASAP
    • Requester ID && Auto Approval Time (Formatted)
    • Mturk Expanded Header (Cached)
    • MTurk Time Tracker
    • turkopticon

    Unfortunately, it's taking several seconds for everything to actually load so that I can even click on a link to view a HIT. I'm wondering if Firefox is better for Turking, or if I'm perhaps using unnecessary scripts that could increase my page load time if I dump them. Right now, I watch it load the regular page, then slowly load all the individual scripts, which has made me unable to click on HITs right away.

    Any suggestions would be awesome and awesomely appreciated. I've looked at several threads, but didn't see anything recent related to this, and I've seen a few threads with different ideas of what scripts are essential (some overlap, some don't). I don't know if it's my computer or the browser/scripts, but I know my DL speed is fine, as I'm directly plugged in and not on a Wi-Fi connection.



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