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Thread: NEWBIE Help Request - How To Avoid Blocks / Suspension / Etc... Insight Appreciated!

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    NEWBIE Help Request - How To Avoid Blocks / Suspension / Etc... Insight Appreciated!

    Hi everyone,

    Newbie here who just started TURK'ing two weeks ago. At around 330 accepted HITS doing mostly surveys.

    Have a few questions and any thoughts would be most welcome. Right now I am very grateful that TURK exists because it is helping me stay afloat.

    I just started using PANDA CRAZY and wind up with a lot of abandoned / returned HITS (some days up to half as money as I accept!) I also return a lot for other reasons including not being eligible.

    I know that most requesters don't look at these numbers but can I get in trouble with Amazon if I have a REALLY high percentage?

    Also, how do I avoid getting blocked by a requester? There have been a few instances where I missed an attention check test (doing my best to straddle the line between doing quality work yet moving fast.) Can I get blocked for this? I understand that it can lead to a suspension which is not an option for me.

    Thanks again! Looking forward to any / all responses as right now I want to be able to move forward and make some money without worrying that I'll get booted!

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    Welcome to Turker Nation! As far as we know, returning HITs does not get a worker in trouble with Amazon. I have been Turking since 2007, and have never seen this to be a problem.

    Missing attention checks would allow the requester to reject your work, and rejections sometimes lead to a block. Several blocks could lead to suspension. The rules are never very clear with Amazon, so it's best to be careful with those checks. Also, use Turkopticon to see if a requester is in the habit of rejecting. There is lots of good advice all around the forum, so read what you can and ask questions

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