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Thread: Chrome Vs. Chromium

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    Chrome Vs. Chromium

    I've been using chrome as my main Turk browser, but I've heard some people talk about using chromium as their preferred turk browser. Is there any clear difference between the two? If so, what are some of the benefits of one over the other?

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    I'm interested to know as well
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    My first assumption would be that Chromium is open source and accepts most of the extensions that Chrome uses, so if a bug shows itself in an extension, it's fixed a lot faster than waiting for Google to fix it. That, and I hear Chromium works a lot better on Linux than Chrome does, but I don't know too many people who have Linux on their PC's

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    Ok, since apparently NO ONE has ever thought to look into this comparison I thought I would just give it a try myself. So I downloaded chromium, imported my scripts, and gave it a shot. aaaaaand... for me there is a noticeable difference. I not sure everyone will see a huge difference, but the reason I thought to give it a try was the hope it would help with some of the issues I've been having with my scripts... and it seems it has.

    After the install I ran HM and it seems to be a lot more responsive. It open the tabs more quickly and it didn't lag as much, it was a smoother transition. Also I think it catches more. I have had a problem with HM missing things a lot. I went AFK for several hours and when I got back I seen loads of pages by various requesters, but there were a couple among the group I personally have never had HM actually pick up. I haven't seen how TM reacts to the change, but I suspect it will have a positive reaction. My hopes is that it is just as much more responsive as HM seems to be, and it will do a better job with zoltar pandas and various other things.

    I did have a few unnecessary extensions that might have slowed chrome down that I don't have on chromium, other than that I suspect the difference in performance maybe in the difference in the two browsers.


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