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Thread: Turkmaster Trouble

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    Unhappy Turkmaster Trouble

    On my ongoing quest to find a way to avoid re-taking HITs and get started on PandA, I installed Turkmaster (having already installed Greasemonkey and HitScraper).

    But all I get from Turkmaster is a pink box on the HITs page with "R T" under Requester for each HIT. The box is not clickable. I also see the gray prompt to Watch when a HIT's been taken, and I get a pop-up box to fill in ... but my "watches" seem to go nowhere.

    No panels, pop-ups, additional menu items or anything else on the HIT page, and absolutely nothing on my Dashboard.

    I'm running Windows 7, with the latest versions of Firefox and Waterfox (developed for 64-bit by a former Mozilla person). I've allowed pop-ups for MTurk.

    Can anybody tell me how I messed up? Many thanks in advance!

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    Exclamation UPDATE: Turkmaster Trouble

    So ... I finally figured out that one does not simply run HITScraper and Turkmaster on the same browser!

    For now, I'm running Turkmaster on Chrome, and HITScraper on Waterfox.

    The PandAs are afoot!

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