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Thread: Did I just expose myself carelessly to a requester?

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    Did I just expose myself carelessly to a requester?

    I was chosen for a private HIT because of the quality of my work. The requester is trustworthy (approval time is fast almost instant, pay rate is good, and good reviews on Turkopticon) so I took up the opportunity. But I e-mailed the requester for more info, then we had a video chat. Requester appeared perfectly normal, friendly, and very nice. I signed an NDA, as well. But does this violate the terms of service? Since my identity was technically revealed.. face, name, and all. I know theirs, as well.

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    From what you have posted, I would say you have established a working relationship with the requester if this was done as a matter of choice by you rather than as a requirement to complete the task. I wouldn't be too concerned about it. After all, requesters are people too. Good luck!

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    It only violates the TOS if revealing personal information is a requirement to complete a HIT. Anything you choose to disclose, optionally, is fine.
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