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Thread: Mturk Server issue or probloem on my side!!! Help me!

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    Mturk Server issue or probloem on my side!!! Help me!

    while i was working on hits, Suddenly i cant able to submit my hit. When i tried to submit my hit. It says

    Your request was not completed successfully.

    Please try it again. If you continue to receive this message, please try your request again later.

    Why is it happening? Is there anyone having this problem.

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    I'm having the same problem! "Your request was not completed successfully." It was working fine, but for about the past 30 minutes I can not do anything.

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    [RESOLVED] We are investigating reports of increased latencies and errors for Workers. Less ▲

    [2016-06-16 11:01 AM] We continue to investigate increased error rates for Workers.
    [2016-06-16 11:26 AM] Between 10:20 AM and 11:09 AM PDT, we experienced increased error rates on the Worker site. The service is now operating normally


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