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Thread: Our Moderators are well trained, so please abide by their actions

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    Our Moderators are well trained, so please abide by their actions

    It's come to my attention that frequently when moderators are editing, moving or removing posts, the user whose post is edited is threatening to bring it to me. My moderators are all well trained, intelligent, reasonable people in whom I have the utmost trust and respect. If they take an action on the forum, I will back it up. There is no reason to go above their head nor to insult them by implying you will. If you do contact me and I feel your report is unwarranted, it will not bode well for your future on this forum.

    Please just trust that the moderators have all of our best interests at heart and that they are more than adequately prepared to keep this forum running like a well oiled machine. Let them do their job so we can all enjoy our time here.

    It's all good.

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