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View Poll Results: Were you able to log in March 23, 2016

40. You may not vote on this poll
  • I wasn't able to log in

    28 70.00%
  • I did not have a problem.

    10 25.00%
  • I did not know there was a log in problem until I read this.

    2 5.00%
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Thread: Poll: March 23,2016 Did you have login issues on mturk

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    Poll: March 23,2016 Did you have login issues on mturk

    People are reporting Mturk isn't letting them log in and work this morning.

    Some are reporting Mturk will let them log in but not do any hits this morning. Since I can't edit the poll please report it as a log in problem. Also check your Amazon Payments some are reporting problems there too.

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    Yes. It says that I have to verify my email and It was verified back in 2008. Does it not like my email anymore???

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    I get this whenever I try to accept a HIT.

    The email address associated with your Amazon Payments account has not been verified.

    You will not be able to use Amazon Mechanical Turk until your email address is verified. Please check your inbox for the verification email from Amazon Payments. If you have not received the verification email, click 'Continue' to sign in to Amazon Payments and request a new verification email.
    No verification email. No where on Amazon Payments to say to send a verification email.

    Stupid Stupid Stupid!

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    I had to change my email on amazon.com to get everything working on mturk.

    After I received a "Thanks for verifying your email address" - I was able to log back into mturk and do HITs again.

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    It's on their end, not ours. There is a glitch in the system. They estimate two hours, but she said it could be more.

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    Logged in, got the message that I needed to verify my email (I've had an account on MTurk since 2009). Followed the prompt to do so, only to find on arriving at Amazon Payments that there was no way to send a new verification email, because I did it in 2009.

    For some people, changing their email on the main amazon site (forcing the site to send a new confirmation email) has fixed the problem. It is NOT, however, recommended by reps at this time. I tried it, it didn't work for me. I'm logged in, I can access my dashboard, search for HITs, probably download wages, I just can't accept any work. Clearing cache, cookies, restarting the browser, none of these helped.

    Emailing and livechat support produced the usual entirely unhelpful results.

    Quoting a post from the Daily Thread:

    I just got off the phone with Amazon Payments. I asked the employee if I needed to change anything, and he said don't touch anything because our accounts/emails are fine, but there's a widespread problem for many turkers on the Mturk side. Mturk was alerted to it about 40 minutes ago, and they're trying to fix it. He said Mturk didn't give an ETA, but to expect minimum 1-2 hours.
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    Same problem for me

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    Thanks so much for the info MeiaNoite, I was staring to panic when I couldn't find a way to request a confirmation email.

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    You should add an item to your poll results..."I was able to initially log in, but was blocked later". That seems to be happening a lot.

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    I was good until a few minutes ago.
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