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Thread: Craft sub-forum? Awesome! New guy here to share some of my wood.

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    Craft sub-forum? Awesome! New guy here to share some of my wood.

    Hey everyone! I stumbled across this little corner of the forum and immediately wanted in. I am an amateur woodworker and have been whipping together some xmas presents in the past couple weeks. Pics below. I also had a good bit of time where I carved up a bunch of beard combs that I will try to find some pics of. I have plans to do some sets of drink coasters in the next few weeks, so I will be sure to post back with some progress pics.


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    Wow @xtc , that's nice work! I've always wanted to work with wood, but I get scared of saws and such because I'm a massage therapist and have a major phobia of hand injuries!
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