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Thread: Workers don't attend my custom qualification test

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    Workers don't attend my custom qualification test

    Hello, I publish this question here as an advice I got from the Amazon forum.

    I'm a requester that created a qualification test which includes 6 questions, each has 3 possible answers (Radio buttons).
    Then I created hits that requires having this qualification, with answering 3 correct answers out of 6.

    The qualification was created on Thursday(17-DEC) and since Then (Now its Sunday 20-DEC) I see 12 workers only who have the qualification. Just to mention that same hits without qualifications are answered very fast (paying 0.03$ a hit). I'm planning that people who are qualified after doing my test will get many weekly hits.

    1. What possibly can cause only few people to do my qualification? What are the methods of attracting more?


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    Hi Talron, welcome to TurkerNation. Will you please share with us the requester name the qualification tasks are posted under? It would help us to figure out why they haven't attracted more attention. Thank you!

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    Is it best to just do a short pre-screening of 5 questions or so that pays a small amount (e.g. $.10), instead of using an unpaid qualification test? thank you!

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