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Thread: Turkopticon User Script

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    Turkopticon User Script

    I've always run a customized TO user script and today I got a little bored so I decided to rewrite the entire thing. So far I've made the following changes:

    • Opens all Turkopticon links in a new tab
    • Shows Requestor Name in red if it has been changed
    • Shows new and original name in hover if name has been changed
    • Shows an "average" rating on the hover link by color (weighted towards fairness) so you don't have to hover to get an overall rating score
    • More aggressive on the ratings colors (especially for fairness)
    • Works on more pages
    • Smaller (174 lines vs 264)
    • Visual enhancments

    I have a couple of other improvements to make, including showing the actual reviews without having to go to Turkopticon, built in link for exporting link, etc.

    Looking for feedback on other changes that people would like to see in this script.
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