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Thread: Good laptop for turking?

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    Good laptop for turking?

    As competition for the family laptop is ever more keen, I can already see that I'm going to want my own dedicated platform to turk with. I crave a Macbook Pro, but not the bust-out brand spanking new retail price, so my question is, how old a used Macbook will provide an acceptable turking experience? Assuming a unit is in good condition, could I go back as far as a 2009-2010 model and not suffer frustrations in getting things to run the way I want? Should I get over my man-crush on Apple products and just spend $300 on a much-less-used Windows laptop? For reference, I'm now using a Dell Latitude E6530 running Windows 7.

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    Get the mac. You won't regret it! I started with a 2013 Macbook Pro...and it was great...then I decided to sell it and buy my current macbook pro in 2015...I think I switched because of the screen size - the 17" was too big for me. The nice thing is they retain their value! I think anything 2013 or newer would be good and you should be able to get something good that is $500 price range.

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    I personally use nothing but Apple products. I know I need to eventually suck it up and buy a desktop PC but for now I do just fine with my 2012 MacBook Pro. Yes it’s gonna be more expensive than that Windows laptop but the reliability of Apple has me sold. I bought my Mac brand new from Apple in 2012 and don’t have any major issues with it still to this day past needing a new battery soon.

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    I stand out against the general mac love lol). You need something with high productivity so Dell XPS 13 is a great choice I really like its design and portability. I use it not only for turk but for many other issues like playing games, graphic design homework, java assignments etc. This is quite new model but the average market price is less than mac price
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