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Thread: Plastic Canvas

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    Red face Plastic Canvas

    I've recently gotten back into plastic canvas and was wondering if anyone else on here does it as well. With the turker mindset I'm trying to decide if I could cut patterns while staring at hitscrapper/tm or if it's easier to sew while hunting for hits. I'm thinking sewing since I'm not sure how I could cut patterns without snipping my fingers if a batch drops

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    Yeah that sounds like sewing might be better for your fingers! I'm sure you could work on ones you have already cut though.

    I'm a requester so my opinion may not be super useful in terms of what you were asking. But I do love arts and crafts and in my free time I do a lot of projects

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    I love crafts especially this time of year, fall/winter is when I tend to be indoors the most so try to keep busy besides turking of course I'm hoping to pick up sewing next, decided to learn to crochet as well pretty relaxing thus far

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