UPS: Ban the Shipment of Hunting Trophies

In the wake of the tragic death of Cecil the lion, nearly 30 airlines have implemented a ban on the transport of hunting trophies; pieces of endangered and threatened animals needlessly slaughtered for the sake of a prize.

While many international transport companies have committed to protecting wildlife by refusing to ship such trophies, some have fallen behind. UPS has a history of taking wildlife into consideration -- the company has policies in place that ban the shipment of live animals, ivory and ivory products -- but continues to unapologetically ship the remains of lions, leopards and other animals killed by trophy hunters.

After tens of thousands of concerned customers wrote to UPS, the company doubled down on their support of trophy hunters, telling The Washington Post that the company ?avoid(s) making judgments on the appropriateness of the contents? of shipments. But given that UPS has a long list of legal items that it currently refuses to ship, this hardly seems to be the case.


It is time for UPS to treat hunting trophies the same way it treats ivory and live animals. Use the form below to write to UPS and urge the company to ban the transport of wild animal trophies.