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Thread: Adult Coloring and Paper Flowers and Mixed Media Journaling

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    Question Adult Coloring and Paper Flowers and Mixed Media Journaling

    Well how neat that there is a crafty area here!!

    I love arts and crafts! I love mixed media journaling and making paper flowers out of all kinds of paper; even junk mail!!

    I also love to draw and was introduced into adult coloring pages (NOT what it sounds like LOL)... So I have been making a few and listing those on Etsy. I have a dragon coloring page, a hummingbird and a fairy moon one. No sales yet on those.... However I also sale digital items for crafting on Etsy and my biggest seller there are dragon eye circles in various sizes.

    Okay that's me!

    Any others doing something similar?

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    I do a lot of coloring with my 72 pencil set I inherited from a nephew supremely uninterested in coloring. So not the best pencils but the prices was right, lol. I also do traditional (and sometimes untraditional) cut paper art, such as wychinocki, a Polish traditional craft/art made out of paper.

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    I love coloring! It's such a calming and relaxing activity. I got this book for my birthday last month: Balance (Angie's Extreme Stress Menders Volume 1). It has abstract mandala-style designs. I want to get one of the really detailed forest or garden ones, or the really nice notecards you can color and then use.

    I've run into a bunch of adults who admit they like coloring, but only after I say that I do. I'm on a mission to get rid of any embarrassment or stigma because there shouldn't be any. Coloring rocks!

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    I love coloring, too! My problem is finding a good sharpener for my colored pencils, because with the adult coloring books you need such sharp tips to get into all the small spaces. It totally passes the time, though.

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    I love adult coloring. I have prob about ten books, and I also have prismacolor pencils and polychromos pencils, which are both kinda expensive but worth the investment. I have anxiety and coloring relaxes me. I used to draw but I'm out of practice and coloring is just easier on the mind I think. I really love it and I don't care who knows! There shouldn't be any embarrassment its a pretty huge fad right now, but I know there is.

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    Coloring is quite relaxing. I have a few of the super detailed mythological coloring books from Michaels.
    I see some amazing things that people can do with colored pencils, and hope to even be a fraction as good at blending and such.

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    Coloring is awesome! im just so happy there are adult coloring books now... like winnie the pooh but can only handle the same basic colors lol. I prefer using markers though... color pencils are a hassle lol.

    I do some card making, duct tape crafts, digital design(logo, web sites etc), latch hook crafts... well one rug I've been working on forever. Soon will be making jewelry with tumbled rocks, gemstones, glass... love anything crafty

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