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Thread: some hits not submitting....AGAIN

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    some hits not submitting....AGAIN

    I have noticed over the last several days.....that some hits when I go to submit are beginning to not submit once again like they didn't a long time ago...forcing one to either redo the whole hit or just return it altogether. This is INCREDIBLY frustrating especially when doing hits that take a long time (most recent one took about 20 minutes), and makes me wanna say fuck it all and just not work period if it's gonna do this. This needs fixed and fixed SOON.

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    I noticed that today too! Fortunately I was working on penny hits.
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    it seems to have died down a bit now....(only happened once since I started going again, though it was on a LONG hit but oh well, I am pacing myself as it is too so it's not as bad.....still annoying but not as much), at least for the time being....jury is out on if it stays as such but shall see.

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    It's happening again, TWICE in the last hour on fairly decent paying hits for me (each taking some 10 minutes or better I'd say), it didn't submit. So help me if this is gonna become that commonplace again I will never work for this site again, the pay isn't that great in the first place but if it's gonna constantly amount to wasted time like this? then fuck it and fuck Amazon I say. I'll find something else to do, something that DOESN'T make me work and then end up with nothing to show for it.

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