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Thread: Daily hit total

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    If you return a HIT that you don't want to do, that counts as 1 every time you do it. There is nothing wrong with returning HITs, it is wise if you don't want to do it. But, it does count towards your daily total.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsMithra View Post
    ... Oh well, I only have two more days until my cap comes off.
    Along those lines, is there a Magic Email that confirms that your cap is off? Today's my 10th day doing 3 or more so I'm expecting my cap should be off for tomorrow . If I stay up til 3AM to start turking like a madman at the turn of the new AmazonDay and I get capped at 100 still, well I might just go bananas. Or at least feel very cross indeed.

    UPDATE: I was the exact opposite of very cross, as I was doing some penny hits to get to my 100 for the 10th day and suddenly I was OVER 100! No fanfare, no email, just quietly went past the old cutoff. So that was nice. Next stop: 1k #turknooblife
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    Thanks for this info! I'm just getting started so was wondering how this worked.

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    I'm a Canadian mturk worker here too. I reached the 500 approval hit mark and see very little difference with available jobs to do. When I log in, I can only see hit groups to 146. How can I complete 3000 hits when barely nothing is available.

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