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Thread: How to allow each worker to do more than one HIT in a HIT group using GUI

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    Question How to allow each worker to do more than one HIT in a HIT group using GUI

    Go here: https://requester.mturk.com/create/projects/new

    Pick the type of HIT you'd like to do.

    Create the HIT as you wish. Leave Number of Assignments per HIT at 1. I'd highly recommend clicking Advanced and then Worker Requirements, choosing Customize Worker Requirements in the drop down menu, and removing Masters as they really aren't better and you're wasting your money by using that qualification. HIT Approval Rate = 98% and Number of HITs Approved = 10,000 are great qualifications to use. Click OK when it gives you the ominous, untrue warning that not using Masters is the end of the world.

    On the Design Layout tab, click Source.

    If you don't actually have different data for each HIT: Put ${variable} somewhere in the page. Click the Source button again and ensure it isn't interfering with anything. This will turn into a number when your HIT goes live.

    If you do have different data for each HIT: Put ${variable} where you want that data to appear. For example, URL: $variable if you will be supplying a URL. Click the Source button again and ensure it is in the right place.

    Click Finish.

    You can download a sample CSV with values you can replace for your own purposes here. For each row of data you supply (minimum one column), you will have one HIT. For example, if you are supplying 100 URLs, all in column A, then you will create 100 HITs which can be completed by once each by one to 100 workers. If you only have one variable, you only need one column.

    Now click Publish Batch. It will ask you for your CSV, so upload it. Then you preview, then you make your HITs go live.
    It's all good.

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    Is there a way to use the GUI to have multiple identical questions on different data be a part of the same HIT? If I just put ${variable} in a few places, it fills them all in with the same piece of data.

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    Hi gkern, can you explain a little more? the variable function retrieves rows from a spreadsheet; if you had a different question on each row, it would show as such in the HIT.

    Can you expand a little on your project?
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