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Thread: Unpaid screeners and all 1 ratings

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    Unpaid screeners and all 1 ratings

    I have been seeing more and more reviews on Turkoption of requesters that have both announced and unannounced screener questions getting a 1 score for every category. I can fully understand getting a 1 for pay for all unpaid screeners but I still don't understand giving them a 1 for fast, fair, and communication. If they did not let you do their survey how can you rate them on how fast they paid you, how fair they were in approving or rejecting your work, and if you did not send a message to them how can you rate them on communication.

    I hate unpaid screener questions as much as anyone else especially ones that are not announced in the hit description, but giving a 1 across the board is not fair to people that use Turkoption as a guideline on what hits to accept.

    I am thinking about flagging reviews that rate a requester 1 across the board and leaving a comment why. What's everyone's opinion on this?

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    Moderation just flagged one of them that only consisted of the words "unpaid screener" in all caps and 1s across the board.


    I also hate 1 bombs for such reasons as unpaid screeners or other reasons that have nothing or not much to do with the rating scales.

    But there is no consensus as far as I know whether they should be flagged or not. I sometimes leave a comment, but rarely it leads to any change.

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