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Thread: There is no minimum mTurk pay rate, and Turker Nation never said there was

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    Exclamation There is no minimum mTurk pay rate, and Turker Nation never said there was

    Hi there researchers, Requesters, and others,

    Here on Turker Nation we realize Turkers are a varied bunch. We have people from areas where the cost of living is low, and they might be okay with receiving $3-6 per hour on mTurk. We also have people, like myself, from areas with a high cost of living, and we likely won't accept less than $12 or even $20 per hour for our services. That said, THERE IS NO ACCEPTED MINIMUM RATE THAT TURKER NATION SAYS IS SET IN STONE. If anyone attributes such a thing to us, ask them to kindly refrain. Every Turker sets their own value, knows their own skills, and has something different to offer you. To try to lump all workers into a single pay category is insulting.

    If you want to know how much to pay for your work, sign up on Turker Nation and ask. We'll help you figure out how to get the best workers to do the work correctly so you don't have to run iteration after iteration to ensure you have valid data. If you pay fairly up front, you won't have to repeat the work five times, which saves you money. Makes sense, right?

    It's all good.

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