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Thread: Tips and Tricks for Newbies

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    Excellent advice and tips!

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    New here, these posts have been extremely helpful!

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    Thanks, everybody for the great advice!

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    Thank you for this. Im hoping to do this full time

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    Hi all, Thanks for a very informative forum. I am actually a requester who have a lot of potential HITs that I need help with. I am seeking more information on how to best Creating more complex and High paying HITs. Hope to find good help in this forum. Are there any other forums that are more relevant for requesters?
    Thx SNA

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    Yes, there are. First of all, please send a message to @spamgirl, to get your account changed to a requester account.

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    I'm so glad to have a place to answer my questions, there's so much helpful advice in this thread. Thanks to all who are there to help us newbies!

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