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Thread: Mobile access

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    Question Mobile access

    I am just starting to turk & just got on this forum. It is decidedly difficult to navigate on my phone, I'm wondering if there's an app for Android that would be helpful. I saw a post about an iPhone app for chat, is there a similar one for android?

    I usually only turk in my down time at work (also from my phone) so any helpful tips in that area would be appreciated as well

    Thanks! Enjoying the community so far

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    Welcome! We were using Tapatalk and Forum Runner, but they didn't play well with other plugins. I'd love to make an app for the forum, but that takes money
    It's all good.

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    I will have to get my tablet back up & running, at least the larger screen will make it easier. Hopefully we get approval to bring laptops to work soon and I can access that way. Doubtful though. I understand the money limitation, trust me!

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