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Thread: is it me or are hits being submitted REALLY SLOW?

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    is it me or are hits being submitted REALLY SLOW?

    I have been doing 411richmond and Jon Brelig hits for a while primarily, and I swear to god some of these hits I submit are going through slower than fricken Molasses! Hell Molasses itself runs faster! Is it my computer.....or things slower than slow for others too? It's extremely irritating, it slows everything to a crawl.

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    I have not been experiencing this issue at all.
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    Everything is fine on my end. Absolutely no issues loading or submitting HITs.

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    I did notice it a little today on a couple of my hits, but really not that many of them. I checked, and it wasn't a problem with my internet connection, so maybe there was some sort of glitch in the system this weekend! Maybe maintenance going on or something.

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    well I don't know about anyone else but it's STILL doing it for me......and I'm getting REALLY tired of it! what the hell is the point of working on this site if it's so damn slow?

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