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Thread: Can't log on to chat

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    Can't log on to chat

    Hi, I'm totally new here (6 days) and would like to participate in chat. However, every time I try to log into it, the log-in screen blinks and is replaced by a gray shaded box with a red "restricted" icon in the upper left corner. Am I restricted because of being so new? If so, is there another area that would be the appropriate place to post some questions?

    Thanks in advance for your help....can't wait until all the newness wears off and I know what I'm doing!!

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    You are not restricted, must be some other problem. I hope someone more technical chimes in here.

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    Hey Honeybee,

    My guess is that you have some sort of add-on in your browser which is blocking the javascript. It could be AdBlock, ScriptSafe, or your antivirus, like AVG. Do you have any sort of addons which are supposed to be protecting you as you surf the web? You'll usually see an icon for them at the top or bottom of your browser.
    It's all good.

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    Thanks, I'll take a look at my security settings.

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