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Thread: TurkOpticon Question

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    TurkOpticon Question

    I have heard TurkOpticon mentioned as a helpful tool..what are its benefits? Also, what else do you use like this to make turking easier/more profitable?

    Thank you for your input!!

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    Member aebaum91's Avatar
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    It's very beneficial! It allows you to see ratings of a requester that are written by other MTurk users. You can also rate your experiences with requesters. A small arrow appears by the requester name in the HIT results. Here's a screenshot of it:


    Ratings are done on a scale of 1 to 5 and show different aspects - communication, fairness, pay, promptness. People can also flag Terms of Service (ToS) violations. If there is a blue arrow instead of a red arrow, that means the requester hasn't been rated yet.

    I hope this explains it well!

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    Moderator walkerz's Avatar
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    aebaum explained it very well! If you'd like to use TO you have a couple of options - You can use TO by visiting the site directly and looking up the requester by name or ID http://turkopticon.ucsd.edu Or you can use a script on chrome through tampermonkey or on firefox through greasemonkey (download here https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/1755-turkopticon)

    There are 2 other tools I suggest you install, the HIT database and Turkmaster. Hit database tracks all of the HITs you have done - Turkmaster allows you to set monitors for HIT types and requesters you like working for, it helps you to quickly grab those high paying survey - it helps you compete for HITs. You can learn more about turkmaster on this thread http://turkernation.com/showthread.p...H-INSTRUCTIONS!

    The Hit database can be downloaded here https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/49...tabase-testing

    Ask any questions

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    Thank you walkerz for the info..I will definitely check into all of the above!

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    Member Naguleaz's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
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    This sounds like a useful tool. I am so new and haven't even started turking yet, but about to go give it a try. I just added Turkopticon to Chrome so hopefully I am ready to get started.

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    Seriously, I'd be doomed without hit scraper + TO. Using those 2 things wisely nearly doubled my pay and halved my rejections.

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    *** Forum Supporter *** tigger's Avatar
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    Turk Alert is also very helpful -> http://www.turkalert.com/

    You can add the requesters you like working for to your Watchlist and get email notifications when they put up a Hit or batch. It works best for batches as there is a slight time delay and single Hits are often already gone by the time the email reaches you, especially if they are well paid.

    A note regarding Turkopticon - it is best in my experience to take a minute and look through recent reviews of a requester you want to work for rather than only relying on the ratings. The ratings in itself can on occasion be misleading, mainly because people have different views on what constitutes fast pay or good pay, etc, or sometimes because people use the ratings in ways they were not intended to be used. Reading the reviews also gives you valuable additional information such as whether there is an unpaid screening process or how long a survey took, whether there were any technical problems and so on.

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    Let's put it this way, I've been turking for 4 days and didn't know about Turkopticon on my first day and I did a guy's hits with terrible reviews and didn't know it and he rejected them all because he was a scammer. My rating is now at about 85% and it's going to take me awhile to get it back up.

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    Yeah, it only takes getting burned once by a garbage requester to engrain the TO habit for life. Luckily I only did one HIT for that rejector and I got it overturned after sending a few messages.

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    This forum is the best!!

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