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Thread: How To Review

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    Question How To Review

    Hey everyone (:

    I know that this is going to seem like an incredibly stupid thing d: but I actually really do need help with it.

    It was brought to my attention lately when I rated a survey that I did as a '5' for PAY - when it took 1:43 and paid 0.03 cents. It was a mistake, because I was actually thinking 0.30, so I appreciated that someone on Turk Opticon brought it to my attention, and I changed it.

    Anyway, it got me thinking. so I decided to scroll through and look at previous ratings that I've given on T.O. and I've noticed that I'm inconsistent, especially about PAY ratings. So I want to tell you guys how I do it, and if you can give me some guidance on it and how I can improve my ratings to be the most fair to requesters and turkers. So, here's my process when deciding on ratings to give:

    Fairness, this one is pretty easy I guess. Was I approved or rejected, and if rejected - was it fair? Simple, I know how to do that d:

    Communication, 1 if they don't reply, and 5 if they do. Sometimes in between if they reply VERY slowly, or if they reply at first and then just stop, and don't actually solve whatever the problem is or something. There are tons of possibilities for that.

    Promptness, I try to stay within these guidelines that I decided on
    approved within
    5: 0-3 days
    4: 4-6 days
    3: 1 week - 1 week 6 days
    2: 2 weeks - 2 weeks 6 days
    1: 3 weeks - AA 30 days

    Pay, okay so here's the tough one. Honestly, I have no idea how to rate for pay. I try to just kind of guess, and give a rating as best I can depending on how satisfied I feel about it. but I would really like to have some kind of set guidelines so that I can be consistent. I don't want a situation where I'm rating one requester lower than another even though their fairness on pay is about the same. but I can't really go through a long decision process, and take all of my other reviews into account every time. I have work to do ! So I would greatly (really, seriously, sooo much) appreciate if you guys can help me set up some guidelines for myself for doing my ratings. I realize that everyone is different as far as what is good for them specifically so I know it's kind of hard to. but I also know that you guys are the best so it can be done (:

    Anyway, what I'm trying to do is have a set of guidelines much like I have for promptness, so I can rate proportionately every time. I don't need to put difficulty of the task into the decision yet. I am more just looking for a compensation:time kind of ratio.

    So something like,

    5: $0.00 - $0.00/hour
    4: $0.00 - $0.00/hour
    3: $0.00 - $0.00/hour
    2: $0.00 - $0.00/hour
    1: 'it doesn't get any worse' - $0.00/hour

    wheeew ! This is probably the longest post in the history of Turker Nation ever (: Sorry ! And thanks so much if you guys can help me out.
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    This is not at all a stupid thing to ask! But, it is a question you are not going to get a good answer to. Here's why, only you can determine what is fair pay for a task that you do. We are not all, ever, going to agree on a number $/minute. It varies from turker to turker and task by task. And quite honestly it varies by need. I try to be consistent but I know I'm not, I'm influenced by how much I enjoyed or despised the task. So, if 15 cents a minute rated a 5 for me while I was doing a survey on football it may only get a 3 if I was doing a tedious, bubbly, frustrating, never ending survey on a topic I hate. New turkers will rate .10/minute as a 5 on a batch and seasoned turkers will give the same batch and pay a 2 or 3.

    I know that there are several who write long detailed reviews but when I go to TO I want to know 3 things immediately from the reviewer and then I can decide for myself if I want to do the HIT.

    • Name of the HIT
    • How long it took you to do
    • How much it paid

    I try to make sure that each review I do has this information first - up front - easy to see. The rest - did I get a code, did I have to email can come after that info. So trust your instincts on the rating bars, set some levels for yourself for fairness but try to provide those three points in your reviews. People can then decide for themselves if it is work and pay they want to do.

    Great question nefes! Great topic to debate and discuss. I hope some others will chime in
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    Hi Nefes...thank you for posting this. I am getting so sloppy with TO and I need to knock it off. I'm afraid if a requester doesn't pay within a few hours I've pretty much moved on and they probably aren't getting a review (unless it was really memorable). If you take a look at my reviews (not hard to figure out who I am) you will probably see a bunch of '1's' just on the pay rating, to warn people that the hit is not worth doing and I will do that right away. I try to go through once in a while and update my TO for who has paid etc., but admittedly it has been a while. You have given me a project to work on in all this spare time I have

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    walkerz d:

    Quote Originally Posted by walkerz View Post
    it is a question you are not going to get a good answer to.
    ^^ that's the only thing you were wrong about cause I got a good answer from you already TY walkerz I'll do what you said ((:
    walkerz's biggest fan

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