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Thread: Your First 5000 HITs

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    fantastic, thank you!

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    This has been an amazing help!

    Here are a couple PandAs I've found:

    Requester:- Steve Murch

    PandA Links

    Is this a written recipe? (VERY easy, short task!)

    Requester:- 411Richmond

    PandA Links

    Verify a single value from a receipt

    Does anyone have any updated links to add? A few in the OP haven't returned any hits since I added them.

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    Dumb question: why would you want to auto refresh a page?

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    Hi Everyone...

    I am so very new to all this.. I am wondering about the Captcha , what is that? I have 75 hits, so this should be showing up? Only, I have no clue as to what it is.. I looked at the link for the script, and clicked to download it, but it's a lot of code that I have no idea what to do with. I am totally clueless here, can anyone help explain what this is and how exactly it works and what to do with the script? TIA!!

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    Thanks for the info, trying to build my numbers...2300 to go to Masters, these will help.

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    I am getting the Captcha alerts - but how do I find them to type in the Captcha?

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    Thank you!! Still a newbie trying to learn to maximize my time

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenoqueen View Post
    Thanks for the info, trying to build my numbers...2300 to go to Masters, these will help.
    I'm new to this but I thought I read achieving Masters was random. This post makes me think it's based on numbers. Is this correct?

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    Hi Everyone, I am new to mturk and have been a bit afraid to complete too many posts from one requester in case I start getting rejections. Is it better to find a few requesters you like and just push on until you get to 5000, or is varying the requesters a better option? Thank you!

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    Thanks for this post.

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