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Thread: Getting a new Turkin' Machine tonight (lol)

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    Getting a new Turkin' Machine tonight (lol)

    Well, I type this thread on my boyfriend's (3/4 in the grave) laptop. lol My old laptop finally took a nose dive into the great beyond this morning. To think I got up extra early to make my new $50/day goal for MTurk. Haha, there's always tomorrow!

    So anyway, needless to say, tonight I am going out to get a new Turkin' Machine (as I endearingly want to name it)! Now, I have been thinking about a Chromebook for a little while now. I love the idea of the simplicity...however, I'm not sure if I shouldn't just go for another laptop (Windows). I have beat the internet to pieces doing research all day on Chromebooks vs Laptops and even found a few threads here (before I actually joined today) about whether or not Chromebooks would be a good choice for mainly turking. I see the general consensus was they are, but of course you have those odd HITS that require a different browser.

    I really want something speedy, and its main purpose...well, like I said, a turkin' machine. :P

    I had my eye on the Samsung Chromebook 2, although I generally have had bad luck with Samsung (cellular) devices, so that is the only thing making me wary...
    ...and I was also looking at the Toshiba Chromebook 2...

    I'll be honest, I do not have a lot of tech knowledge. I really rely heavily on reviews. I want something that has stellar performance and is nice and quick. I'll be sure to update when I bring the new turk machine home. I am extremely open to suggestions if anyone has some!

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    (I have tried searching around to see if double posting is allowed. I didn't see it in the rules and Googled it and nothing came up. So please let me know if I shouldn't be double posting. Thank you!)

    I just wanted to update this though as promised! I ended up bringing home the TOSHIBA Chromebook 2. I am absolutely, positively in love with my little turkie machine! I would highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't need the other capabilities of a laptop. Got it at Best Buy for $50 off for a lingering black Friday sale! I was a bit worried about it handling a bunch of tabs open at once (since I usually have quite a few turking), but with 4GB of RAM (which I drilled the poor Best Buy rep about), it has handled up to 8 tabs (which I hardly ever have that many open at once) without a single twitch! What an amazing little machine!

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    Glad you like it. I bought a turking computer with my mturk money and it has been one my best investments. Now you need to add another monitor
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    Thank you! This definitely was a wonderful investment. Haha, maybe I will treat myself to a 2nd monitor at some point! I bet I would be able to get double the productivity out of that!

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