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Thread: Turkopticon big problem - Help please

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    Question Turkopticon big problem - Help please

    Hello all. I haven't turked for a while and I decided to get back into it for some Christmas money. My turkopticon is not working. I have Turkopticon 3.4, Greasemonkey 2.3, Toggle Mixed Active Content 1.0rev14 in my extensions, and turkopticon script in user scripts. I tried to select the option of executing the script first and the option is not highlighted for me to use. I have tried just using the script without the turkopticon 3.4, and both together and each does not work. When I go to the hits it comes up with a dialog box showing an exclamation mark with the words Error, Java Application. That box pops up only when I have the turkopticon 3.4 in my extensions. I am not tech savvy at all, so any help in this matter would be so greatly appreciated.

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    Never mind guys. I fixed it finally, after installing and uninstalling, just really weird. Never had to work so hard to get TO to work, but am a happy camper now. Show me the money!!!

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    That's great --you got it working. Next time you have problem --come see us in chat.

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