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Thread: Sharing HITs without the Sharer extension (mIRC instructions)

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    Sharing HITs without the Sharer extension (mIRC instructions)

    In mIRC, press Alt+R

    Click on the Popups tab. In the View menu, select Channel.

    Paste this at the top:

    Share HIT: /msg #TurkerNation 12 $$?="!Category:" 4 $$?="Requester Name with !:"  $$?="HIT Title:" 4$ $$?="HIT Pay:" , Auto Approve: $$?="AA:" , 13Quals: $$?="Quals:" , 12 $$?="URL:"
    Now you can right click in #TurkerNation and choose Share HIT, then fill out all of the prompts it gives you like this:

    AA: Auto Accept time
    !Category: Survey, categorization, labelling, etc. but with a ! in front, like !survey, !categorization, !labelling
    Requester Name with !: The name of the Requester with ! in front, such as !CrowdSource, !Jon Brelig
    HIT Title: Name of the HIT
    HIT Pay: Price of the HIT without a $!!
    Quals: The qualification, such as Approved% !<99; Approved !< 1,000;
    URL: The URL of the HIT itself or, if you can't access it because you don't qualify, the Requesters' search page
    It's all good.

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    Thank you Spamgirl - I've always wondered how to do this (:
    walkerz's biggest fan

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