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Thread: Transparency about affiliate income

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    Exclamation Transparency about affiliate income

    I received a PM today which made clear that not enough is known about how we "profit" off this site. In order to avoid appearing "shady", here are the details:

    1) We currently are a member of the Amazon affiliate program which brings in $10 per month. The way we receive funds from this program is that when members click the "Shop on Amazon" link or banner and then purchase items on Amazon we receive a small commission. As not many people do this, we don't make very much.

    2) Our bills are for the server, the software does not need to be paid for annually (only when we have a major upgrade.)

    3) The domain name is owned by Amazon - once upon a time someone bought it to squat on it, but Amazon went through the process and got it from that person when we couldn't do it. They allow us to use the domain, but it is registered in their name. In deference to their help, we do not discuss other work-at-home competitors here. You do not bite the hand that feeds.

    4) Any other ads which appear on the site are purchased through Turk Alert and the funds go to pay *hefty* Turk Alert bills (server, domain name, and email sending service).

    5) The staff here are all volunteers, none of us make a profit off the ads nor do we get any remuneration from Amazon. Many of us spend hours on Turker Nation per day helping members and Requesters, moderating, answering questions and more. This is all done for free and the warm fuzzy feeling we get when we see other Turkers find success.

    If you have any questions, please PM me and we'll discuss.
    It's all good.

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