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Thread: How do you use your second monitor effectively?

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    Cool How do you use your second monitor effectively?

    A lot of pro turkers recommend using multiple monitors to increase your productivity. I have seen people using two, even 3 monitors in some cases. I personally use the second monitor to look for hits. I use two side by side windows, first one is a mturk window sorted by newest first and refreshing every 10 seconds, the second window is turkalert where I blocked all unwanted requesters and I use to catch any hits that I might have missed otherwise.

    I am inviting all you guys who use multiple monitors for turking and share how use it to increase your productivity.

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    I might try this in the future, but I need to save or earn the money first.
    I'm a turker, not a shirker, and definitely not a twerker, my lights are NOT dim, and turkeys are for eating at Thanksgiving, not for Turking!

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    I have two computers one laptop, which I have a 26 inch monitor attached to it I keep, turk alert and AMT on split screen(same set up as manzician) on the tiny screen on the laptop I monitor the chat room ,I also run another tab (or two) of AMT so I can accept HITS through that window, if I have a HIT that I need to look at a website then type on a split screen i can, with no toggling back and forth between tabs.

    On desktop computer (computer 2) this is a old computer where I would have to do a major upgrade if I where to use 2 screens, so I have one 26 inch monitor one that one, this is the one I have some forums up or I do surveys through, I think 2 screens is plenty, I just use this one for keeping a eye out for more hits, I am still playing with this, anyone else have suggestions for me?

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    Most times I have one playing NetFlix or watching DirecTV online and in the other I have one pane for mTurk HIT window refreshing and the other pane I have all the tabs for the HITs I'm either working on or previewing.

    If I need to look at another document or refer to it frequently while typing I'll put that up on the other monitor and sometimes if I'm doing transcription I'll handle the audio playback in one while working in MS Word in the other. Depends on the transcription type.

    Probably not the most productive use of the space but it works for me. Both monitors a wide screen so I actually can have four pretty large panes visible at one time.


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    I use monitor 1 for IRC chat. Monitor 2 has my email and this forum up on one side, and the my HIT feed from HIT Monitor up on the other side. Monitor 3 has a browser window with multiple tabs that have my common auto-accept links and other resources open. And monitor 4 is where I do most of my work. When needed, I work across 3 monitors. HITs like 11223344 are nice to spread across 3, so can have some loading while I'm working on others.

    Thanks for the tip on Turkalert Manz, I've never used that for the live feed but I'll check it out.

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    Thanks Manz, for starting this thread. I have a second monitor, but couldn't figure out how to use it effectively. I'll have to map out some of these suggestions and see if any of them would work for me. Since my main monitor is a touch screen and my other one isn't it makes for some fun times trying to get the other to respond to touch

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    I also have two monitors and a laptop with access to more, this helps alot. Thanks !

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    My second monitor has a second Firefox window open with a tab for chat usually selected.

    I have a tab with: https://www.mturk.com/mturk/myhits open so I can quickly check panda catches and it also allows me to quickly make searches for hits.

    I sometimes put the MTurk dashboard in a third tab for easy access, especially when setting up pandas.

    I sometimes have a tab with the MTurk hit page up with a hit I am working on when I need to keep tabs on the time for the hit.

    I do time sensitive hits like "mylikes" and "Venue Quality" on the second monitor whilst doing regular hits on the first monitor.

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    Hope it's okay to bump this thread! I love using a dual monitor set up whenever I'm doing Turking or other work-type things.

    For Turking, I keep my main browser window on my main monitor (centered in front of me so I don't need to turn, crane my neck or anything to reduce strain) and I work on HITs there. Usually I'll have one tab open to my dashboard (so I can quickly get my Worker ID for HITs that request it), one tab open to HITs w/"for which you are qualified" checked, and then 1-2 tabs of current HITs I'm working on. I also use Windows' Sticky Notes if I'm doing work from a requester that has their own system w/keyboard commands or if I'll need to enter symbols that aren't standard on a US-ENG keyboard -- it'll list the command and key sequence in a large font and be right next to my browser window so I can glance over quickly.

    I use my second monitor for research or image enlargement. If I need to look up company info, or verify a product, I can do it by just ALT-Tab-bing to the second browser window and not break my rhythm. Images that I want to see magnified without zooming in on the entire HIT page go here, too. I'll often have this monitor's settings calibrated differently so I can see more details (compared to the main monitor, where I have it set to what causes the least eye strain and fatigue).

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    I have a quad monitor setup but I only use two for turking. One monitor has chrome open the other FF.

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