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Thread: How to Use the In Comparator to allow multiple countries to do your HITs (GUI only)

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    How to Use the In Comparator to allow multiple countries to do your HITs (GUI only)

    Through the API: http://mechanicalturk.typepad.com/bl...ications-.html

    Through the RUI/GUI:

    Go here.

    Choose a template of your choice. Note that you cannot use the In comparator (or any custom qualifications) with the Categorization or Sentiment templates as they don't allow you to change your qualifications, they force you to use the expensive Masters qualification. For categorization or sentiment HITs, use the Other custom template instead. Click Create Project.

    The only settings which matter towards allowing workers from up to 15 countries are found when you click the Advanced >> link at the bottom right corner of the big gray area. Next, click the Worker Requirements >> link.

    Worker Requirements: Choose Customize worker requirements.

    Click Remove twice. On the last row, click Clear.

    In the first drop down box, choose Location.
    In the second drop down box, choose is one of (select up to 15 values).
    In the next menu, choose up to 15 countries by holding your Ctrl button as you click on each.

    You will get a warning when you try to advance to the next page telling you that not using Masters is bad. Ignore this - it's only bad for Amazon's wallet.

    Everything else is up to you.
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    It's all good.

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