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Thread: How do you share HITs in the chatroom?

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    How do you share HITs in the chatroom?

    Hello all!

    I've been using the chatroom the past few days and I've noticed people sharing HITs using TN-Sharer. I've also shared a few hits back, but it generally involves me pasting the link and then saying a few things about the HIT.

    How do I go about using TN-Sharer to share HITs to make it more convenient for everyone in the chatroom?


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    Hey Penguin,

    I will be home at around 8pm ET, can we walk you through setting it up then? If so, just meet me in chat.
    It's all good.

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    Perfect. I probably won't be available tonight, but I'll look for you online in the next few days and see if you have time.

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    I think what you do is to send spamgirl the requester ID for the hit that you are talking about and then the hit or hits you are talking about will appear in chat. I'm not sure if this is completely correct but I'm saying this because it worked for me.

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