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Thread: anybody into sweeps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hope33 View Post
    where did you enter to win that? was it an Instant Win?
    I won it on IHG website for some summer sweep stakes YES it was an instant prize for filling out a 6 question survey.
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    I used to do sweepstakes all the time but I've slowed down. I won a bunch of little things, prize packs mostly, a good one I recall was a Starbucks set, 4 bags of coffee & a French press. I also won a years worth of bottled water from purelife once.

    Now I just do the instant win list at http://www.freebieshark.com/sweepstakes daily.

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    I love sweeps �� what's the best prize you've won?

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    I stopped doing Sweepstakes /IWG because I looked at how much I won compared to the time spent. I decided that it would be more productive spending that time working on MTURK or working on learning marketible skills such as transcribing or editing

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    I've only entered a couple here and there in the past with no luck. Feels like such a crapshoot. Maybe I need to look into it again and find the right website.

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    I know this is an old thread but just checking to see if anyone is into sweepstakes and things now.
    I really want to get into it and looking for tips regarding finding the best ones

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