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Thread: Text on dummy hits.

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    Text on dummy hits.

    I'm trying to set up a document on how to make a dummy (compensation) hit for when I run into requesters who do not know how to set one up instead of trying to write it every time I run into a new requester.

    How does this sound? Should I add or change anything? I also set this up as a Google doc if you want to edit it or keep this in your files on the chance you ever need it.

    This is how to set up a compensation (dummy) hit

    You can set up a single HIT for the worker which would require a special code (code is sent to you via email) or by using the worker?s ID in order to be completed. Anyone else attempting to submit this HIT would receive a rejection. You can set it up for $0.00 and pay you as a bonus or set it up for the amount of the HIT so you will not be charged by MTURK for setting up a hit.

    The thing you can do is set up the title of the HIT as:
    "This HIT is for worker ID 1234567890 ONLY - All other submissions will be rejected"
    Then in the body of the HIT they can put:


    Confirm that they ae the Worker by asking them to enter their worker ID or password that you supplied to them in an email in the hit.


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    This looks good. A requester can probably also assign a qualification to that worker so only he can accept the hit.

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    That a great idea but if a requester is new I want to make this as easy as possible for them so maybe assigning a qualification to a worker might confuse them.

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    Thanks chrisfuccione. The only thing I would suggest is camouflaging worker ID as XXXXXXXXTRPP. Our worker ID's can be tied to personal and other information, so I prefer it not be made public.
    Eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation. Batch HITs for newbs. 1000 req'd. 5000 req'd.

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    Good idea. I added this to the text:

    The thing you can do is set up the title of the HIT as:

    "This HIT is for worker ID xxxxxxxx7890 ONLY - All other submissions will be rejected".
    Try to use only the last four digits of the worker ID to protect their identity.

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    In the last week I had to send out this doc three times, so I wanted to make sure that the new members had this if they need it.

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