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Thread: Retook Qualificatins test but second score not showing!!

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    Retook Qualificatins test but second score not showing!!

    Hello guys,

    I just took my first qualification test and submitted it before I even completed it.(Big newb mistake, I know) I retook it and received a 91. When i look on mturk it says my rating is 0 for the requester. I don't know if i am supposed to post the requester this is for but just ask if you guys need to know. What should I do? Does it take a while for my rating on the test to show up?

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    If it let you retake the test it's probably fine but it might be a good idea to contact the requester and let them know that you submitted it twice...the first time before it was complete. That might give them a heads up. Not all qualification tests are the same, some automatically grant the qual and some the requesters have to do manually. Good luck.
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    Thanks so much!

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