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Thread: weeds and bulb flowers

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    weeds and bulb flowers

    With the spring weather just around the corner (I hope) I need some help to figure out what to do with a large patch of bulb based flowers we have at our house. Last year they were totally overcome by weeds. I technically have the opposite of a green thumb. the previous owners of the house planted the flowers and maintained them. the irises are planted really close together and it's quite a large patch, that goign through and pulling the weeds is way to time consuming and tough. Is there an easier way? My husband wants to just get rid of it and plan grass there, but it just would not look right... plus irises are my favorite flowers.

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    After the irises have come and gone this year, throw down some cardboard for a few weeks to kill off all of the grass and weeds. After that, throw down some mulch and weed as you see the unwanteds coming in. Maybe you should consider dividing the bulbs this fall. http://www.wikihow.com/Divide-Bearded-Irises

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    That's a great idea from Jamie. And once the weeds are gone, you could plant a low, dense ground cover like creeping thyme, something that'll fill in the bare areas and help keep weeds out while not covering the roots of the irises too much.

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