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Thread: Finding qualifications

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    Finding qualifications

    How do I find qualifications that require a test? I've requested hundreds of qualifications and only been granted maybe 3. I have a 98.3% accuracy and sometimes even message the requester.

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    You are far better off looking for HITs and then taking the associated qualification tests than to look for tests and pray they post HITs. Most qualifications are either unattainable (they don't accept new people anymore), the requester is gone or they're internal. By the way, I've worked with many requesters and they get aggravated when workers email them out of the blue, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a question about the HITs they post.

    So, look for work to do, not qualifications to ask for.
    It's all good.

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    I really appreciate the useful post. I've been wondering about qualifications.

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    Every once in a while---type in "qualif" after the "containing field" and make sure your "for which you are qualified is UNCHECKED.

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