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Thread: Why is chat empty? (Server split)

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    Why is chat empty? (Server split)

    uh .. Is chat down? I go to chat and I am the onlyone there ?

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    It was probably just my computer

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    It actually was probably a server split.

    Chat is made up of a bunch of volunteer servers who all connect to each other. This provides a big working chat server that can accommodate as many people as necessary. When you log in, you're actually logging into just one of these servers directly. Now, sometimes the connection from one server to the rest breaks, and suddenly you'll see (*.net *.split) and a bunch of people disappear. Today I think you ended up logging in to an already split server, and since you happened to be the only TN chatter on that specific server, you saw an empty room. My recommendation is to disconnect, wait 30 seconds, and then try connecting again. If it doesn't work, rinse and repeat. Sooner or later the server will reconnect or you'll be put onto a server which is connected.
    It's all good.

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    Thanks for this information. Chat is still very new to me, so I will remember your suggestions if I see anything like what taintturk mentioned.

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    And do not try to take over a chat room via a Netsplit. It will end badly for you. Don't ask how I know.

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    I just saw that today, I was hanging out in chat and suddenly everyone started to leave. Logged out and came back to see that I was the only person. I guess it's time to rinse and repeat then.

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    Can't get into chat

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    I log into chat nobody is there . is chat down r split thingy?

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    I see lots of people logged in, but there is not much action at the moment

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