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Thread: The Myth of Low Cost, High Quality on Amazon's Mechanical Turk

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    Great post, Spammy! It seems like such a simple concept from a worker's point of view -- you get what you pay for. The sad fact is, most requesters don't pay for very much.

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    Hi -- sorry if I'm too late to be reopening this thread, in which case I will try somewhere else, but I just joined and got pointed here pretty quickly. The thread is clear that too many requesters pay low-ball wages, but less clear on what requesters SHOULD be offering. If it is a particular estimated hourly wage, is there a consensus as to what a fair MTurk wage actually is? Should it depend on qualifications? As someone said above, should it be hourly at all -- do we penalize fast workers -- and if it should NOT be hourly, how exactly should it be computed?

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    The standard rate is a minimum of 10¢ per actual, worked minute (not stated "expected" time unless that is actually accurate), if the work is easy and does not require, for example, open-box writing of more then three words per box, or annoying, repetitive, impossible "psychology questions" such as "Do you see yourself as this adjective?" (usually including several adjectives which never describe people and/or things which one can never "see oneself as") for 10+ minutes. Something like that would of course require more in order for it to be valid. The 10¢/minute standard is the minimum requirement in order to be posted in the place where people who interact socially who work on Mturk check, in r/HITsWorthTurkingFor. Please note also the a 2-minute survey, for example, which is posted somewhere ither then directly in the Mturk frame and which requires instead of a while new page, was for pages to load, copying codes back and forth etc., should pay at least 30¢ since he act I opening those extra pages and waiting for all your javascript etc. will take several extra seconds or even an entire minute depending on the survey. (I guess most surveys that ACTUALLY take 2 minutes probably would not have pages that looks like that, or have annoying "consent forms" etc. that add extra time for no reason, but I have never seen a survey that ACTUALLY takes 2 minutes anyway, except for either a) a survey in an external website which has one question only meaning no demographics because obviously the only way to get demographics is to have more then one question - these take 2 minutes, not one, because they are in external websites, or b) a survey that is actually on Mturk within the Mturk HIT frame, and so therefore does not require "survey codes" and the like.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbalbert View Post
    The thread is clear that too many requesters pay low-ball wages, but less clear on what requesters SHOULD be offering.
    The standard rate is 10¢ per minute for tasks which do not require unusual free writing, breaking your brain by answering "5 difficult questions about this face" 30+ times in a row, or suicide-inducing questions such as "Is is true or false that some groups should do X thing?". If not for something like that ten a minimum of 10¢ per minute is the standard - this is the amount that is required in order for the HIT to be posted on HITsWorthTurkingFor. However, a "particular amount" I not require I order for users to make sense complaints, lawsuits and blocking of requesters, because the majority of those requesters are attempting to pay something like 20¢ for a 30-minute survey, or 1¢ for a detailed and annoying task that takes 20 minutes to complete PER ITEM, plus puts like 50 items in one single HIT (receipt tasks).

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