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Thread: What are your preliminary garden plans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pentimenti View Post
    I've lived in an apartment most of my life, but my son recently purchased a house with an acre! of land. He says I can have a garden there, but I'm not sure where to even start.
    Just a few ideas for urban gardening:

    If you are able to install a window box you can grow in there. You can also have pots on a patio or front steps. If you only have a shady area there are plenty of varieties that do well in shade. You could try berries and greens for example.

    Gardening is wonderful because every year you build on what you learned the year before. Start small and do your homework. And have fun! 🌱

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    I live in the higher elevations in Colorado. The house we bought a few years ago came with a fenced garden and a greenhouse attached to the house, on the south side. We have added a cold frame just outside the greenhouse. I do most of the greenhouse gardening--it's 16 feet by about 2 feet, as is the cold frame--and my husband does much of the other spots. It's wonderful to have fresh greens much of the winter, both for the health and for the financial aspect.

    I find that after a few months, I may begin to see aphids or whiteflies (are they the same things?) and at that point, I harvest everything, wait a few weeks, and then start over. I've tried garlic and hot pepper sprays in the past, but a pause seems the best way here.

    We were gone part of the winter so it was April 1 that I planted the greenhouse... kale, chard, lettuce, calendulas, arugula, basil, bok choi (one of my faves), and more. Now, 14 weeks later, I'm removing things as we eat them and let the greenhouse alone for a while. The cold frame and the garden are going full bore now! Since the mosquitoes are slowing down, I'll be more eager to work outside!

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    We're in the Chicagoland area... I keep a pretty extensive in-ground garden, though this year it was very focused on things that would not require a lot of maintenance. I have peas and cucumbers growing the length of the fence, watermelon at one end, pumpkin at the other, pole beans in the middle, with onions and the hardier herbs serving as separators. I have strawberries and bee balm in a different bed.

    We're planning to move this fall, and my husband has promised that in our next house, he will listen to me and use a sod-cutter to remove the grass from wherever I want the garden instead of trying to just till under the sod (thus turning umpteen zillion weed seeds into the garden!). I'm also planning to use the entire yard fence at the new place as trellis and basically have a fence full of food. Part berries (raspberries, if I can get them to grow), part things like peas & cukes & so on. Also want to do a blueberry bush or three & maybe plant a couple of fruit trees.

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    Phoenix is backwards from the majority of the US. If we planted summer crops in May, they'd dry to a crisp in July. Last week, I planted Peaches and Cream sweet corn, Boston Pickler cukes, zucchini for the wife, and some beets. (The beets will be shaded by the cucumbers during the rest of the heat.) My jalapeno and wax pepper plants are making a comeback after the .75 in of rain we've gotten this month. I can't wait for October when the fun gardening starts: spinach, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, oh my!!

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