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Thread: TurkerNation Newbie - What's the most helpful aspect of TN?

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    TurkerNation Newbie - What's the most helpful aspect of TN?

    Hey guys, I've been Mturking for probably a month now and have earned around 500 dollars, but during this down period of Christmas/New Years I've been looking to join a forum. What do you guys find the most helpful about TN?

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    The reviews of requesters in the Hall of Shame/Fame section is very valuable and the chance to talk about the ups and downs of turning with some really great workers is priceless! Welcome to Turker Nation. Our chat room is great for HIT alerts too. See the main forum page for the link

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    TN is a wonderful community. You can ask all the questions you want--someone will answer. Absolutely go to Hall of Shame/Fame section. And please, get to know us and get helpful alerts at Chat. You will love this place.

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    Chat really is awesome. I haven't spent a ton of time there, but in the short amount I have I love the funny topics that come up and there are generally very good HITs posted there.

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    Quite apart from all of the above, there's a great section on scripts you can use to enhance your turking experience, by which I mean "Make more money" You also get to interact with a great bunch of people, many of whom don't comment in the general threads. They're too busy turking, having swapped all sorts of info "behind the Turkernation Curtain"! Keep at it, tpr, it's worth it

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    Information here is really easy to find. All of the major topics have dedicated threads. Very useful for new workers, who may have questions on the ins-and-outs of the mTurk platform - payments, qualifications, approval/rejection, Terms of Service, etc. The sticky threads on which HITs to avoid, how to identify scams, which requesters use majority-rules - all invaluable.

    Chat is awesome, with HIT alerts and swagbucks posted in real-time, and users available to answer questions in real-time as well.

    The part that stands out for me is the friendly, intelligent and articulate people who post here.

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    Thanks everyone for the helpful responses. I did grab a bunch of scripts a while back that has helped tremendously but honestly seeing what people's goals are and seeing how much of a community effort this is makes mturking that much more rewarding. Thanks guys!

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    The most helpful aspect of TN, in my opinion, is the very fact that it continually weeds out any would-be slackers. Meaning - if you want to gain full access to the chat feature and the forums, if you want to be a member of this tightly-knit community, if you want to interact with/learn from/teach/share interests with those who are as like-minded, ambitious, and intelligent as you are, you need to earn it -- period.

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    i like the fact that even though i haven't earned full membership yet, when in the chatroom the fellow turkers help me out and give me Hit suggestions!!!

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    Full Access - Current Members Question

    Good Morning Friendly Turkers!

    Hope everyone has had a great week so far!

    I wanted to throw a question out there to get some feedback from people who currently have Full Access.

    In your opinion, what is the best and most useful part of gaining full access? What has really made a difference in your daily earnings?

    Thanks to everyone for your help!


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