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Thread: Does it hurt me to return hits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyturk View Post
    What is the difference between "returned" and "abandoned"?
    I see the button for "return this HIT" and I have to do it a lot if the HIT wont work on my iphone or i don't understand the instructions afterall. But what does "abandoned" mean? Thanks!
    See What's the difference between 'returned' and 'abandoned"

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    Yeah, returning is tons better than getting a rejection if you are concerned about a hit. I've also returned it if I get into one and it wants me to do something fishy TOS-wise like create an account. There have also been a couple where I ditch it because it becomes clear that it is going to take a long time for very little reward...

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    I'm glad to know that about returns. What usually happens to me is I get the hit done and then can't submit for various reasons. I returned one today that was a wine list. The bottle volume was 1.5l but the field rejected saying it only accepted whole numbers. I also had to return a receipt hit because it wouldn't accept the time when I submitted it even though it was formatted correctly. Anyway to avoid this rather than return after you've basically completed the work? Thank you!

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    It sometimes happens that the HIT is flawed and you can't enter the requested information. You can always contact the requester and ask for clarification. Sometimes you hear back, sometimes you don't. It is frustrating when you have already completed the work. The really good requesters get back to you. One of the most common problems is not getting a code at the end of a survey. For that problem, I will usually enter my worker ID, submit, and contact the requester. For data entry, it is not so easy.

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    I too learned early with a few rejections. Thanks.

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