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Thread: MTurking as a living, a part-time job, or less

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    huh I was hoping I would be able to earn enough for holiday home or apartment in Spain, Alicante or Torrevieja https://tranio.com/spain/valencia/torrevieja/ . I was there last year and the idea stuck in my mind since then. but now I guess a million years will pass before I save up for something of the kind

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    what's the most efficient way to find and complete hits?

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    I'm trying for an average of $10/day, basically enough to pay my student loans each month. So far, it hasn't been too bad!

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    Compare it to working at a gas station or a restaurant. At those jobs, you sweat and destroy your feet for eight hours a day, plus travel time and expense. You can make similar pay, without leaving the house, if you put the same time and effort you put into working a crappy job. Mturk won't make you rich, but it can give you a decent $200 a week income any time you need it. When I'm in between gigs I buy groceries with Mturk.

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    Do you work on murk full.time or part time?

    Advice would be appreciated!

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    It varies. Welcome to Turker Nation! Join us in the Daily HITs thread! That's where all the action is!

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    I just wanted to appreciate everyone's information. I'm about to start my mTurk journey and it's good to get a general idea of time spent vs. money made vs. available HITs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joli View Post
    I just wanted to appreciate everyone's information. I'm about to start my mTurk journey and it's good to get a general idea of time spent vs. money made vs. available HITs.
    Be sure to check out chat and the daily hits thread!

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    It would be nice to be able to quit the job I do now. I am so miserable. My hubby knows I am too. I also run a business from home. However, having to work in a factory all day and they're wanting so much mandatory overtime. I cannot spend the time I need to with my family. I am always working. We are trying to find ways for me to get out of there so I can be home with the kids. Any suggestions, help, and guidance are welcome.

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    I'm a student just looking to pay for some fun amazon purchases on the side Hoping I can make $8 an hour or so eventually that would be perfect!

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