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Thread: Whats everyone Turking for?

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    Four kids - only breadwinner/one who works. I work about 60 hrs at my day job - trying to start an online Amazon store (loosing more money fast). Essentially I am in the hole +/- $500 a month between all my past bad financial decisions so I turk so I won't have to go BK and face my wife, kids, church, and extended families disappointment in my bad decisions and failure.

    Unfortunately I am running into many requestors who simply don't care, reject like madmen/women or are SCAMs. Makes it difficult but turk is making at least some grocery money.

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    I'm turking to pull in some extra money while the hubby goes back to school. We are lucky here though, just need enough for food and internet.

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    Supplemental income. My partner and I experienced a layoff in July. He is back to work now but we're down to one income. I can not work full time due to health issues, had 2 brain surgeries this year and need another one. Fun times.

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    It's my only job right now, and I would like to keep it and have another outside of the house.

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    I don't make enough at my 9-5 to pay my rent/bills-- so I Turk in my downtime. Still a newbie but am so thankful for this forum & chat.... Especially chat!
    I highly recommend stopping into chat to those who don't visit regularly!
    Best of luck meeting your goals, all!

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    I think it's a great way to earn some spare cash when I have a free hour or two.

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    We live off one income so I can stay home with our kids, so our budget is always pretty tight. Every penny counts, and turking means a few extra things here and there.

    I've got a pretty big wish list that I'd love to start tackling, too.

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    Right now it's various things--small stuff that I need but that never fit into the family budget, like clothes (and, ok, books!)

    But this month it's Christmas presents.

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    I am building up my Emergency Fund since I expect to be laid-off and day now. If I do manage to survive the rounds of cuts being made at work,then once I have reached my goal for my family's Emergency Fund, I'm going to pay off my shameful credit card debt.

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    Cash to help with bills. And Am moving from FL to CA next year and need all the help I can get!!!

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