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Thread: Whats everyone Turking for?

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    Im turking Cuz Id rather make low pay on my own than dealing with people

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    Heeey there you know that I got thinking that I live in the Monitoba area and we will have to deal with winter and snow very soon and I can get the metal detector in the spring. The thing I really want is a new TV and IPhone 10. When I told him about this he said that is one of the worse things I could get because it will only make me stay in my room more.

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    I'd like to buy train tickets to visit my kids and grandchild more often.

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    ...Um, to get money. You know, like literally everyone.

  7. #245
    Just for some extra cash to have to use when needed mostly.

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    Stay at home mom trying to get some extra cash! We just moved and remodeled and trying to supplement our income until we get a little more settled.

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    My daughter's summer camp fund!

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    Vacation money, and play money. Seems like there's always a birthday coming up or some occasion when the extra $$$ is perfect for gifts.

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    I agree that its a good idea to start a 401k. My goal is mainly to be able to supplement the family income enough to pay a bill or two every month. It would be an added bonus to make some money for retirement.

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    To take a class at Millennium Dance

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