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Thread: How worthwhile is a subscription to Prime?

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    Some third-party items do qualify for Prime, if they are fulfilled by Amazon. For those of you getting late deliveries, have you contacted Amazon? You should get a free month of Prime every time that happens. None of mine have been late so far, but I just signed up in December.

    Amazon just added a bunch of HBO series to Prime Video. They also have the original 24 episodes and last year's Hannibal. Current episodes will probably be up in a few months.

    I just bought a Kindle so am getting lots of use out of Prime. I've got a supply of coins from that and their promos last month, so am buying apps. The new music plan is great, I've also bought a bunch of 99 cent classical albums (100 best of X type) so have lots to listen to.

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    I have used Prime. It's nice, BUT, I can get free shipping, just as long as I am ahead of the game and don't need the items within a day or two--so that doesn't count as a "yes" to Prime.
    I have netflix and tivo and watch too much TV, so the video doesn't count toward a "yes"
    I use a book buddy app that finds free books in my chosen genres so I don't need Prime to read books.
    Now, the one thing that may make me choose Prime (which is now $99 to subscribe) is that there are products that are RIDICULOUSLY cheap that only Prime members can take advantage of that. I have to see more and more items that are Prime only that I figure will save me at least the cost of the subscription to make it worthwhile before I'll shell out my hard earned pennies.
    I hope this helps.
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    I have Prime and use it all the time. Living in a remote small town, I shop at Amazon a lot. However, things that might take two days to most places take 5 to 7 to here, even with Prime. It probably pays for itself with the shipping charges.

    I don't use the videos much because we have Netflix, but now and then we watch something on it. We have a Roku.

    Two recent add-ons I also like... I ADORE the free music and I do like their very recent "Kindle Unlimited" or KU which is free for a month and then ten bucks. You have to have Prime for both of these. I read so voraciously that I am finding plenty to read with KU.
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    for me its very worthwile just to get the free shipping especially since I order a ton from amazon. The bonus is the movies now I get on the smart tv! plus the customer service

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