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Thread: How worthwhile is a subscription to Prime?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grodgers View Post
    I like the Kindle lending library. You can get one "prime" book per month for no cost.

    Also the Customer Service is very good. If shipments late for any reason, it has been

    my experience to receive an additional month to my subscription.

    Lastly, I am a professional procrastinator, so buying and shipping directly to the intended

    recipient has been a tremendous help.
    I agree with everything you have said. It was nice to find out the free two-day shipping applied to any address not just your own.

    I like the Kindle lending library.

    The streaming videos are very nice since they carry movies and tv programs that Netflix does not have. I have more than paid for Prime with the videos alone.

    I've always had excellent customer service from Amazon even before I signed up for prime.


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    I've had it for three years now, but I live in a remote rural town where some things cannot be found and others may be extremely expensive. Always, always, always compare unit prices if you are purchasing items - some things end up being far more expensive and others are a great deal. With so many dealers there is little consistency - coconut milk is a dollar less on amazon prime than it is locally, but canned diced tomatoes (weighing the same) are more.

    I like to use it for bulk purchases of some items, and the free videos. I don't know about the Roku but my sony device requires that I input my PIN each time I play a for pay video so I can't accidentally charge myself.

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    I love Prime because of the streaming TV shows!!!. I just watch the reboot of Battlestar Galactica and am now watching all the Star Trek episodes and movie's (except for TAS which they don't have. BOOO!) in order. Also because I don't have a bank account (a few stupid moves on my part) I get paid on MTURK by gift certificates so I love the free shipping. I use it all the time.

    he only downside is their lending library. To use it you have to have to have a Kindle. You can't use it on a Kindle app on your Ipod/smartphone/tablet/pc. I don't know why that is the case. It is not because of technology because with the Overdrive app you can borrow books from your local library and when they are due they get deleted from your device.

    Here is a list of all their TV shows:


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    So did you decide?

    A lot of good advice here. FWIW, I only had a Prime subscription when I got it for free with my .edu address. It was nice to not have to worry about the minimum to get free shipping and the 2 day was nice. But I didn't feel it was worth the price. Now I just plan my purchases in advance if there's a deadline like a birthday, or just wait a few extra days.

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    I did sign up for it and so far the two day shipping has made it worthwhile. I haven't tried the video or books yet.

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    I think it makes sense for some, but not for others. I don't have it, but live near a major airport and tend to receive anything I order from anyone in just two days time despite using the cheapest shipping method. I ordered groceries on Amazon on Thursday and would have received most on Saturday if it hadn't been a weekend with UPS not delivering that day. On Monday & Tuesday, I received everything...with one shipped & received the same day and another separated out from the order and sent "Amazon Prime" (according to the outside packing tape) even though I don't have it. Some items were sent by FedEx. I have found that Amazon and other sellers generally do their best to get items to me as quickly as possible anyway, and currently I am in no rush to receive things anyway. Some day I might try it, but not now. My brother who lives out in the tullies loves it...he told me he buys & has something delivered nearly every day! (I think he has a crush on the UPS woman - seriously! )
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    Is the free 2 day shipping for all items or just specified? And, what does one "prime" book per month mean? A bestseller? Thanks for the help. I have been debating Prime for awhile and wondered if it would be worth it, as I order a lot from Amazon, especially with Christmas coming up. Thanks, Again.

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    I've had prime for at least a couple of years and love it. I'm handicapped and do a lot of shopping online, on Amazon. The two day shipping is definitely worth it. I have also watched streaming video and I definitely enjoy the free kindle book loan - one way to get some of the best sellers; otherwise I usually get free books from Amazon (I have hundreds of them - a good way to try out new authors and series).
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    My parents have Amazon Prime and love it for both the movies and the shipping. If you are going to signup for a free trial, this coming month would be great timing to take advantage of the free shipping if you are going to be buying gifts from amazon for the holidays.

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    I signed up for the free trial because I knew I'd be ordering a lot of things on Amazon that month. But what I was surprised about is that none of the items I wanted qualified for Prime shipping. I think because I was looking at third party vendors much of the time. But the thing is, paying 10 dollars (and 5 shipping) from a third party vendor was much cheaper than paying 24 dollars for the item from Amazon to get the free shipping. That, and because I don't have a Kindle (I have the Kindle app on my nexus but that doesn't count) I didn't get to do the lending library. So I didn't manage to get any use out of Prime when I had it.

    But I went ahead and bought a Prime subscription for a friend who does have a Kindle and gets a lot of use out of the service.

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